Navigating the hockey landscape to realize your potential

Eden Hall does not provide player advisory services, but is aligned with three quality organizations whose full-time focus is in this area.  Tap into my knowledge of the dynamic, confusing world of hockey and extensive network in order to determine if partnering with an advisor is right for your family.  Have you ever been surprised to see a player at a level and wonder how they got there?  Being good enough is a big part of the equation, but equally important is being in an environment where the player can succeed, get noticed, and advance toward their ultimate hockey goal…whatever it is.

Initial consultations are complimentary – I’ve done these for years for parents confused by the alphabet soup world of Midget, Tiered & Pay-to-Play Junior, and collegiate hockey at the club and Varsity level.  Following an initial discussion we will have ascertained if introduction to an expert advisor is the logical next step.

Most advisors prefer to take on clients between the ages of 14-16.  Starting young gives them more time to positively impact the player’s hockey path.  That said, through most of the country the sport isn’t that confusing through Bantams and questions set in when players are 16-18.  Our discussion will uncover if an advisor makes sense for your family for players anywhere in the 13-18 age range.  Let’s look at 3 types of players we can help:

#1 – Loves the game, never wants the hockey to end

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#2 – Desire to pair hockey aptitude and strong academics to open doors to elite colleges

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#3 – NHL prospect, help needed to avoid pitfalls

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Please contact me at or (904) 652-4036 if you are interested in discussing the best path to pursue higher-level hockey and determining if the services of one of my recommended advisors are for you.